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“The other mass shooting”

Today, there were two mass shootings that got attention, one first and one as an afterthought.

In San Bernardino, Ca., fourteen people were killed by three gunmen. In Savannah, Ga., where I live, one person was killed and three were injured by at least two gunmen.

After the initial terror of the California shootings, the Washington Post ran this story, calling Savannah “the other mass shooting.”

I have mixed feelings on this. I’m glad that Savannah’s skyrocketing crime rate is getting some national attention (seriously, guys, this town is riddled with crime), though I’m sad our town is getting attention for something like this. Mostly, though, I’m angry at the Post’s shoddy reporting when they say this:

The local media barely acknowledged the murder: One local television station covered it in three paragraphs.

And the world spun on.

Full disclosure: I am technically a member of the “local media” since I edit the listings for Connect. We do a pretty decent job of adding crime stories like this to the News Feed, which is why this claim first struck me. I decided to do a bit of independent research and rely on my trusty friend: time stamps.

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