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10 songs of the moment

I’ve been away from the blog for a little while (life gets so busy, you know) and I’m working on a new post, but in the meantime I thought I’d get back in the swing of things by sharing ten songs I’ve been really into lately.

Traveling Riverside Blues, Led Zeppelin

I’d been searching for this song for a long time with only two criteria: it had part of the Lemon Song in it and it was on a live album. When I finally heard it again, I listened to it ten thousand times in a row.

Tessellate, Alt-J

This song really freaks me out for some reason, but I listen to it at least three times a day, no exaggeration.

Love on the Brain, Rihanna

Because why would I not?

Lotus Flower, Radiohead

I used to be way more into Radiohead, but I rediscovered them when a coworker put on their Pandora station at work. Everyone complained that the music was making them fall asleep, so I went home and listened to it in spite of them all.

God’s on Vacation, Black Tusk

Black Tusk is from Savannah and the drummer works at my favorite bar, so it was only a matter of time before I started getting into them heavy. Sometimes I find it difficult to stick with metal this heavy, but I like the balance that Black Tusk strikes.

Pretty Pimpin, Kurt Vile

I just went through a taxing breakup and this song, among others, has gotten me through it really well. The dichotomy he sings about is definitely what I felt, so I feel like he’s singing it right to me.

Hey Tonight, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Didn’t think it was possible for any song to top “Bad Moon Rising” as my favorite CCR tune, but here we are.

I Gotta Try You Girl, Junior Kimbrough

I’m an admitted Black Keys superfan, so they turned me on to Junior Kimbrough’s music when they put out Chulahoma, but I never listened to any of his original work until this song and I got immediately hooked.

My Last Mistake, Dan Auerbach

Hey, speaking of being a Black Keys superfan…

Faded (Odesza remix), Zhu

This is not even close to the kind of music I usually listen to, but I’m really into this song; it always puts me in a great, kickass mood.


Exploring the “quirky, embattled server” trope

As a server, I have so many stories to tell, and as a writer, I can write them.

It sounds corny, but working as a server has opened my eyes to a lot of different societal issues just within my small, mostly vegetarian restaurant. I see a lot of inequity in a lot of different forms, but most of it revolves around people thinking that people who work in restaurants are unworthy of common decency and respect. That’s almost a “duh statement,” as one of my English professors would put it. The struggle between lowly service industry folk and anointed professional people is such a common trope that I don’t think it needs any more attention.

There’s always a certain narrative following a young female server. They’re putting themselves through school, or working to support their kids, and their pluckiness and “daring to dream” makes all their regulars love them and maybe leave them a huge tip. (Or fall in love with them, depending on what movie you’re watching.) In some way, we’re all just trying to put ourselves through, regardless of what job we work, but the same pluckiness doesn’t really apply to retail workers or bankers or writers or virtually another job. There’s almost a glorification of young female servers, but more of the trope, not of the person. There’s always a special interest story in some newspaper about how a girl saving money to go to college receives an exorbitant tip and freaks out because now she can buy books, or a young mother receiving enough cash to fund her baby’s birthday party. But for every feel-good story like that, there are hundreds upon hundreds of people stiffing their servers for some flimsy reason, or snapping their fingers or waving or shouting, or leaving a nasty Yelp review calling a server out by name.

Why this disconnect? Why do customers know that they could change a server’s life with generosity (or even just 20%), yet treat many servers like absolute dirt?

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Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

I’m officially a college grad! I graduated magna cum laude on Saturday, and I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus on Professional Communication. So I’m now available for real employment – hit me up.

cool thing!

I’m now the Events Editor at Connect! I’m really excited about this promotion, because a) I was able to accomplish the elusive task of getting hired after an internship, and b) I get paid now. I’m thrilled to have this job with such a great group of people.

I just found a nifty little portfolio site, Basically you just upload all of your stories that you write and can send it to people as a portfolio. So kind of like what I’m doing here, but in a cooler-looking format. If you’re interested in my stuff, there’s that!

Hoppin’ at the Jinx

Here is my second story with Connect, Hoppin’ at the Jinx. I’m really happy with the way this one came out, especially the photos by the super-talented Jon Waits. Joe and Steve are two of the nicest guys and best interview subjects I’ve ever had; both conversations were at least an hour long and they told me some great stories. If you live in Savannah, you should definitely go to Hip Hop Night and see what it’s all about – it’s got a great vibe and everyone is really supportive of each other. 

photo cred Jon Waits

photo cred Jon Waits

Internship at the Beach

I’m in the last stretch of my Armstrong marketing internship and some of my stories are starting to get published! A few weeks ago, I got to profile Morgan Lamb, a student who is spending his summer interning at Wassaw Island to track sea turtles. It’s a cool project definitely worth reading about. Here is that story.

Britain meets Brazil at Churchill’s

Britain meets Brazil at Churchill’s

This is my first piece for Connect! You can also find it in the print version today. I’m so excited to share the link here, and I’ve also included some photos that didn’t make the cut for publication.



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Big Update

I’m now interning with the fabulous Connect Savannah! I’m taking this one a bit slowly since I’m still with Armstrong’s marketing department, but it’s all good. Right now I’m mainly updating the website and posting web news, but I’ve also been assigned a rad story that I can’t wait to write and share with you guys, so stay on the lookout! 

Big News

Kind of late on this, but I’m now interning with Armstrong’s Marketing and Communications department! It’s way different from journalism, but I like it just as much. In three weeks, I’ve had four of my written pieces (articles? stories? marketing copy?) published on the front page of the Armstrong website. Here they are!

Armstrong Brings Home Three Best of Savannah Awards

Residential Students Give Back to Goodwill, Second Harvest During Spring Move-Out 

Armstrong Hires Nick Shrader as Director of Housing and Residence Life

Armstrong Names Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies