Monthly Archives: September 2016

10 songs of the moment

I’ve been away from the blog for a little while (life gets so busy, you know) and I’m working on a new post, but in the meantime I thought I’d get back in the swing of things by sharing ten songs I’ve been really into lately.

Traveling Riverside Blues, Led Zeppelin

I’d been searching for this song for a long time with only two criteria: it had part of the Lemon Song in it and it was on a live album. When I finally heard it again, I listened to it ten thousand times in a row.

Tessellate, Alt-J

This song really freaks me out for some reason, but I listen to it at least three times a day, no exaggeration.

Love on the Brain, Rihanna

Because why would I not?

Lotus Flower, Radiohead

I used to be way more into Radiohead, but I rediscovered them when a coworker put on their Pandora station at work. Everyone complained that the music was making them fall asleep, so I went home and listened to it in spite of them all.

God’s on Vacation, Black Tusk

Black Tusk is from Savannah and the drummer works at my favorite bar, so it was only a matter of time before I started getting into them heavy. Sometimes I find it difficult to stick with metal this heavy, but I like the balance that Black Tusk strikes.

Pretty Pimpin, Kurt Vile

I just went through a taxing breakup and this song, among others, has gotten me through it really well. The dichotomy he sings about is definitely what I felt, so I feel like he’s singing it right to me.

Hey Tonight, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Didn’t think it was possible for any song to top “Bad Moon Rising” as my favorite CCR tune, but here we are.

I Gotta Try You Girl, Junior Kimbrough

I’m an admitted Black Keys superfan, so they turned me on to Junior Kimbrough’s music when they put out Chulahoma, but I never listened to any of his original work until this song and I got immediately hooked.

My Last Mistake, Dan Auerbach

Hey, speaking of being a Black Keys superfan…

Faded (Odesza remix), Zhu

This is not even close to the kind of music I usually listen to, but I’m really into this song; it always puts me in a great, kickass mood.