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This year’s Daytona weekend may have been one of my favorite weekends to date. I’ll admit I attached a lot of significance to the trip: I’ve been working without a true day off for about two weeks at a time, and I don’t see that changing any time in the near future, so this was my only real vacation for a long time. Add in the fact that Daytona is my actual happy place and weeks spent listening to Southern rock to prepare, and I think it’s obvious that I got emotional when I got there. I literally teared up when Dad and I ascended the stairs to see the track for the first time Friday night. The view was gorgeous, to boot:

In my favorite place 🏁💞

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“You didn’t earn this”

Today was a really hectic day at work — it was pretty obvious we were struggling after one of our servers had to leave. I was the manager on duty, which means a lot of big decisions land on me. Do I call in another server? Do I put the restaurant on a wait? What can I do to help? Is this huge chaos my fault? Managing is all about making the tough decisions, and sometimes we make the wrong one.

Today’s missteps had me worried well before I clocked out. In the midst of the melee, I got every server’s favorite thing: a mean note on our receipt.

The table in question gave me an almost-20% tip, which was nice. Their note said, “You didn’t earn this, but we feel sorry for you. Try harder!”

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