Monthly Archives: August 2015


As a journalist based in Savannah, I have a small tie to the tragedy that happened yesterday in Virginia. The gunman reportedly worked at one of our TV stations, WTOC, and while I have no desire to do broadcast journalism, I know and work with some who do.

However, sitting in front of my computer at work on Wednesday, I felt such a raw connection to the story. I was watching it unfold. I will never forget the shock I got from clicking on the alleged gunman’s alleged Twitter feed and seeing it had been updated just three seconds ago. I figured it was a hoax but took a screencap and posted it to a Reddit thread. With one refresh the gunman admitted it was him. With another refresh the video of him shooting the reporter popped up and began to automatically play (thanks a lot, Twitter). I was so in shock I had to physically sit back from the computer; I never have reactions so visceral and physical, but I never have┬ástumbled upon something so graphic and disturbing. I haven’t watched either video and I’m not sure if I ever will, though the gunman’s videos have rightfully been deleted from the Twitterverse.

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