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Best of Savannah masterpost

Connect recently published its Best Of Savannah issue, where residents vote on their favorite things in Savannah from nail spas to British restaurants to most crushworthy person. And I got to help! I wrote all the profiles for the Food and Drink section and almost all the witty blurbs for the Nightlife section. I’m so happy to have been a part of this wonderful issue and this wonderful newspaper. It’s been almost a year since I started interning here and I can say without sentimentality that there’s no other alt-weekly I’d rather work for.

Here are the profiles I wrote!

The GreyGreen Truck Pub, Flying Monk Noodle Bar, Whole Foods, B Matthews, Lili’s, Treylor Park, Southbound Brewery, and The Florence.

And here is a link to my favorite blurb I wrote (or, more accurately, quoted) that they actually let stay in the paper! I’m so honored that every Savannahian read those infamous words.


a race fan’s christmas

Today was the day I look forward to all year long, the day I blow off my friends and sit at home all day long glued to my TV: the Race Day Trifecta! For the uninitiated, there are three really important races on this day: the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500, and the Coca Cola 600. The Monaco GP is important because it’s a prestigious racetrack, the Indy 500 is important because it’s one of the longest-running racing events (and, some would argue, the only race in the IndyCar series that still holds any weight) and the Coke 600 is important because it’s the longest race of the season and right in NASCAR’s backyard. I always wake up early to watch Monaco, and this time was no exception even though I got home at 3:30 a.m. the night before. I also broke one of my cardinal rules — no leaving the house during any of the races — to grab lunch with a friend, but we chose a place with huge TVs so I didn’t miss any of the action. It all seems a bit obsessive, even to me and even more so to people who don’t care for racing at all. But for a person who watches practice and qualifying along with the races, who watches any race who comes on TV and would go to every race on the circuit, work permitting, it’s just what this day requires. These are some of the most important races in motorsports; in fact, two of the three comprise the Triple Crown. These are days which define a driver’s career and etch them into the history books. Every win is important, but these wins mean ever so much more, just because they are so steeped in history and tradition. Traditions are important and revered in motorsports, which is why I cancel plans in favor of sitting at home all day long and binge-watch these races. There’s no way to be at all three of these races in one day, so until the day I can attend just one, I’ll watch them zealously from my home.

Congrats to Nico Rosberg, Juan Pablo Montoya and Carl Edwards for their wins today.

Godspeed, Steve Byrnes

Death has always hit me hard, and Steve Byrnes’ death from cancer last week is certainly no exception. I have a bad habit of giving the deceased the benefit of the doubt and conveniently forgetting all their transgressions, but I can say confidently that Steve Byrnes was one of my favorite commentators and I never rolled my eyes at or disagreed with what he said. He was an incredible journalist, and after this article came out, I have even more respect for him. He brought up a lot of my firm beliefs about journalism: breaking news first is detrimental, respect is incredibly important, and keeping a safe distance from your subjects is necessary. All of us journalists could learn a lot from Steve; it’s not like he’s the first to express these sentiments, but he adhered to them in a sport where everyone is simultaneously close friends and worst enemies. I always loved how he never got into a driver’s face and asked them inflammatory questions, like some pit reporters do. In this famous moment, Steve asked Tony what angered him. As I recall, nobody was quite sure at first why Tony was upset with Joey Logano, and I think Steve asked the question he needed to ask in the most tactful way possible. That is what makes a fantastic journalist.

We’ll miss you so much, Steve.

Six Twelve Residency

When I first heard of Six Twelve and their artist residency exchange between Oklahoma City and Savannah, I have to admit I was perplexed at the connection. What could be the link between OKC and SAV? Here’s a story about the new exchange and its awesome artist, Denise Duong, who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever interviewed, just sayin’.